Aim of experiment

To implement OSPF protocol using 5 routers scenario

About the Experiment

Here we are going to exhibit a virtual experiment on Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol. This protocol is an Interior Routing Protocol that means OSPF is primarily used for communication among the routers within a single Autonomous System (AS) particularly for Larger AS. In small AS we generally used Routing Information Protocol (RIP).

In this virtual experiment, the instructor has created an AS consisting of 4 areas namely AREA 1, AREA 2, AREA 3 and the most important area i.e. designated backbone area, AREA 0. The details of the routers with models and area assignment is given the table below:

For configuration of the routers we can either use HyperTerminal or use Putty The figure given below shows the deployment of routers within various areas.

List of Equipment

To carry out this virtual experiment in the actual environment we require the following equipment:

  1. 1. Routers (5 Nos.)
  2. 2. Laptop or Desktop (1 No.)
  3. 3. Ethernet Cable (8 Nos.)
  4. 4. Console Cable (1 No.)
  5. 5. Comm. to USB converter in case you are using a Laptop.

Basic Concept about OSPF

Configuration of Routers and Results


1. What is an AS?

2. Describe in brief the role of designated backbone area, AREA 0 in this experiment.

3. What is an OSPF Identifier?

4. Identify the OSPF identifier used in the configuration.

Implementation Manual

To download Implementation Manual of OSPF Protocol click here

Live Support

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