International Seminar on Skills in TVET for Sustainability

27-28 October, 2017
National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research, Kolkata
in collaboration with
Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila, Philippines

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is defined by UNESCO as "those aspects of the educational process involving, in addition to general education, the study of technologies and related sciences and the acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge relating to occupation in various sectors of economic life". TVET thus equips people not only with vocational skills, but with a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are recognized as indispensable for meaningful participation in work and life. On the other hand, the word skill may be explained as the ability in the form of art, know-how, manoeuvre, strategy, tactic, expertise, competence, technique and practice usually involving cognitive, psychomotor and attitude for performing an activity in the prescribed manner for achieving the desired output/outcome within a specific time. As we know, due to rapid changes in technology, it is predicted that nature of about 42% jobs will be changed by the next 10 years; that is why, the world will face the tremendous shortage of skilled manpower. Moreover, the national standard classified skill workforce plays the key role in economic and social development of any country. Research findings and experiences of the fast developing and developed countries have demonstrated that the lionís share of contributions of the workforce come from the mid-level workforce. The well planned TVET is the main source of the skilled mid-level workforce. Thus, this international seminar will address various issues to meet the future demand of the skilled manpower and the acceleration process to ensure the demand based quality TVET.


One of the salient developments in the field of TVET is that many countries have placed TVET in the mainstream of education. Moreover, research findings in the fast developing and developed countries show that the skill development is the joint responsibility of the educational and training institutes and the industries to live and compete in the global competitive world with trends of continuously changing the job and occupational contents. This entails the need for extending cooperation and support in education and skill development among the developed and developing countries including development partners and professional organizations for sustainable development. With this aim, National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research, Kolkata in collaboration with Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC), Manila, Philippines has planned to organize an international seminar on "Skills in TVET for Sustainability" on 27 and 28 October 2017.

About the Organizers

Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila, Philippines

The Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) is a unique Inter-Governmental Organization for Human Resources Development in Asia and the Pacific Region. As a specialized agency of the Colombo Plan System, CPSC is mandated to enhance the quality of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in its member countries through the planning and implementation of demand-driven training programs; research and development, information dissemination and consultancy activities in Asia and the Pacific region.

CPSC has become a vibrant forum in facilitating the improvement of TVET systems among its member countries, which are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research (NITTTR), Kolkata, India

National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research (NITTTR), Kolkata was established in 1965 as Technical Teachers' Training Institute (TTTI), Calcutta. Itís primary task is to provide pre and in-service training to the teachers and staff of Degree and Diploma level training institutions and also to conduct various activities related to quality improvement of the technical education system of the country. The Govt. of India, in 2003, accorded national status to this institute, in recognition of the contribution of this institute for the expert service rendered for overall improvement of quality of Technical Education System. The institute has established extension centers at Guwahati and Bhubaneswar for reaching out to its clients.

The focal activities of the institute are (i) Education and Short-term Training, (ii) Curriculum Development, (iii) Learning Resources Development, (iv) Research and Development and (v) Extension Services and Consultancy. The mandate of the Institute has extended its clientele catchment area outside the country encompassing the Technical and Vocational Institutions of particularly SAARC & ASEAN countries.

Some of the notable national level projects in which the Institute is associated are serving as Nodal agency to centrally sponsored Community Polytechnic Scheme; designing and conducting AICTE sponsored "Induction training Programme" for fresh teachers of engineering colleges and polytechnics; facilitating implementation of Centrally sponsored scheme for Integrating Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in the Mainstream of Technical and Vocational Education etc.


  • Establish links for national, regional, and international TVET initiatives, policies and practices that respond to the needs and programmes of the world community.
  • Identify strategies in integrating concepts of sustainable development in TVET.
  • Identify innovative ideas that will enhance the quality and image of TVET.
  • Create a platform that will enable conference participants, partners, and stakeholders in strengthening collaboration and to allow convenient and continuous sharing of innovative practices and policies.


  • TVET Governance and Capacity building Strategies
  • TVET for Global Competitiveness
  • Strengthening Industry Collaborations
  • Integrating 21st Century Skills in TVET
  • Preparing TVET Students for "Green Jobs"
  • Enhancing TVET Quality Standards
  • Research, Innovation and Pedagogy for quality TVET
  • Quality Assurance in Technical Education
  • Innovative TVET Policies and Practices

Key Items
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Last Date of Registration : 10/10/2017 20/10/2017
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Contact No. : +91-3366251-930/990/901
Speakers for the Seminar

The Seminar is expected to be addressed by various top professionals of TVET system with representations from CPSC, Asia Pacific Member Countries, Ministries, Government organisations, Industries, universities, institutions and TVET Authority.

Seminar Management
Prof. (Dr.) Phalguni Gupta Director, NITTTR, Kolkata
Block-FC, Sector-III,
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata-700106, India
Dr. Ramhari Lamichhane Director General Colombo Plan Staff College, Bldg. Blk. C, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue Pasig City 1600, Metro Manila, Philippines
Chairman, Seminar Steering Committee
Co-Chairman, Seminar Steering Committee
Prof. (Dr.) G. Kulanthaivel Faculty Consultant and Chairman of ICT Division, Colombo Plan Staff College, Bldg. Blk. C, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue Pasig City 1600, Metro Manila, Philippines
Dr. Indrajit Saha
Asst. Prof., Dept. of Comp. Sc. & Engg. NITTTR, Kolkata, Block-FC, Sector-III, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata-700106, India
Seminar Coordinator
Local Seminar Coordinator

Who Should Attend?

TVET practitioners, academician and researchers, TVET institutional heads, industry collaborators, GO/NGO partners and benefactors, apprentice and students, and individual/groups from any related fields.


Category Fee (Individual)
Indian Participants INR  3000
International Participants USD 200
(Graduate and Undergraduate)
  • Local
  • International


INR  1500
USD 150
How to Register?

Participants to the seminar are required to register on or before 10th 20th October, 2017 by

Registration fee should be deposited by electronic Bank Transfer to the following bank account.

Bank Name: Axis Bank Ltd.
Account Name: National Inst. of Technical Teachers' Training & Research - Kolkata
Address: Salt Lake, Sector-III, Kolkata-700106
Branch Name: Salt Lake, Sector-III, Kolkata-700106
Account No.: 911010001723267
IFSC Code: UTIB0000775
SWIFT Code/MICR: 700211046


Accommodation can be provided to our Hostel with the rate to INR 200/- per night per person based on request. We have a very limited number of rooms. In case you are unable to get the accommodation in our Hostel, you are requested to arrange it by your own choice.


Category Sponsorship Amount Benefits
Platinum Above 2 Lakh Registration of 5 participant will be waived
Gold Above 1.5 Lakh Registration of 3 participant will be waived
Silver Above 1 Lakh Registration of 2 participant will be waived

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