Education and Management


Ineffective management of educational institutions, educational programs etc. has often been at the root of poor quality institutional performances. To address this lacunae, Educational and Management (EdM) Department, since its inception, has been offering short-term training programs in different areas of institutional/organizational management, quality management, environmental management, training & development, occupational safety and other related areas. In general, the training programs are aimed at various clientele groups comprising not only the technical teachers' community but also other professionals belonging to different domains of the world of work. It is important to note that the design of training programs are always based on clientele needs which are obtained through needs assessment exercises. Besides training activity, a number of consultancy and research projects have been coordinated by the department in different areas of technical education.

Faculty Members

Dr. Urmila Kar

Education and Management
Phone Number: +91 33 66251931
Email: urmilakar 'at'

Dr. Sukanta Kumar Naskar

Professor & Head
Education and Management
Phone Number: +91 33 66251932
Email: sknaskar 'at'

Dr. Habiba Hussain

Associate Professor
Education and Management
Phone Number: +91 33 66251947
Email: habiba.hussain 'at'

Dr. Niladri Pratap Maity

Education and Management
Phone Number: +91 33 66251---
Email: niladri 'at'



Each program organized by the department is supported by quality study materials as also by computer systems, Internet connectivity etc. Apart from deliberations by highly qualified faculty members of the department/ institute, renowned experts in the field are also invited from industries, universities, professional institutes and consultancy agencies to deliver lectures on specialized topics. Visits to renowned industries, organizations, academic institutions with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certifications are interwoven in the course design for greater benefit of the participants.