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Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 1993 with one Professor and two Assistant Professors along with other staff members. Later, another Lecturer has joined the department in 1994. Since the establishment, the department is engaged in various academic activities including conducting of International and National Seminar, offering advanced level programmes, infrastructural development, research activities etc. A brief summary of the activities of the department for last few years is given below.

International/National Linkages

The department is actively involved in organising short term program in collaboration with different International & National Agencies. In recent past, Department has organised three regional program in collaboration with Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila, an Inter-Governmental organisation involving various countries of Asia & Pacific region including Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal & India. The department is closely connected with the International Seminar jointly with Jadavpur University and University of Calcutta in the area of Distributed Computing (IWDC). The department has also organised ISTE Summer School for faculties of engineering colleges and polytechnic system regularly. The department was closely associated with various national bodies including Institution of Engineers(I), Computer Division and Computer Society of India, State Councils of various states. All India Council for Technical Education, Department of Electronics, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India.

Different Academic Programme

The department has offered various advanced level programme in the area of DBMS, Multimedia, Internet technology etc. for last ten years on a regular basis. Apart from the routine short-term and long-term programmes, the department has conducted a one year full time Post-Graduate Programme (PGDIM, in collaboration with CMC Ltd.) in the area of Information Management during 1994-2000.

Liaison with Industries and other Universities The department has a very strong linkage with IT and allied Industries and Universities and experts from there are regularly taking part in the multifarious activities of the department like Curriculum Development, organisation of Seminar and Workshop, taking lectures in various emerging areas etc. A brief list of Organisations associated with the department is enclosed herewith.

World Bank Project

The department was actively involved in World Bank Project on Strengthening Technician Education (Tech Ed - I and Tech Ed - II) Project. Under the Project department has developed a number of IT Curriculum, Instructional Material and facilitated infrastructural and capacity expansion for the polytechnic. The department has acted as resource institution in developing MIS and Satellite Based Instructional Material Program for the World Bank States in Eastern and North Eastern Region.

Research Activities and Publications

All the faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research in different areas of interest. In this process, they have already published about 75 research papers in different National and International Conferences and Journals and have represented the Institute in more than 12 International Conferences in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific region.

Name Designation Email Contact No.
Dr. Ranjan Dasgupta Professor & Head    +91(33)66251954
Dr. Samir Roy Professor    +91(33)66251988
Dr. Chandan Chakraborty Professor    +91(33)66251986
Mr. Rajeev Chatterjee Assistant Professor    +91(33)66251909
Dr. Indrajit Saha Assistant Professor    +91(33)66251930
Dr. Kinsuk Giri Assistant Professor    +91(33)66251994

The department is equipped with the state-of-the-art computing resources including fifty odd clients with several servers in a networked environment. The department also has a leased line for uninterrupted internet connection. The department is equipped with one Computer Centre and three laboratory viz., (a) Programming & Database Laboratory (b) Multimedia Engineering Laboratory (c) Linux Laboratory. The above three laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities along with relevant softwares.