International Day of Yoga (IDY 2017)

Celebration of 3rd International Day of Yoga 2017
Yoga Trainer: Dolly Chakrabarti
Venue: Seminar Hall, NITTTR, Kolkata
Date: 21/06/2017

International Day of Yoga or Antarashtriya Yog Divas is celebrated on 21st of June since 2015. Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi proposed this idea to adopt a day especially for yoga while addressing to the United Nations General Assembly. He also suggested a particular date, 21st June, for celebrating "Yog Divas" as this day is the longest day in the northern hemisphere regions as well as it has great significance in many parts of world. Yoga is a Hindu Spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which including breath control, simple meditation and the adaptation of specific body postures. Yoga helps us to keep a perfect balance of mind, body and soul. It drives away all negativities from our system and promotes to achieve healthy and happy life. During last two years, NITTTR, Kolkata actively participated to celebrate this auspicious day. We will celebrate 3rd International Day of Yoga, 2017 which will start with inspirational speech of the director of NITTTR, Kolkata followed by participation of all the faculty members, staff and students in this Nobel journey. This year, as special guest, Dolly Chakrabarti who is well-known yoga instructor will visit the institute to demonstrate some effective yoga postures to inspire the participants.

About Yoga Trainer:

Dolly Chakrabarti is a well-known Yoga Consultant/Trainer in Kolkata and she has 23 years experience in this field. She is running a Yoga Centre named Temple of Yoga and she has thousands of satisfied people/patient whom she healed through Yoga.

Photos of International Yoga Day