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Sl. No. Programme Code Programme Title Programme Coordinator Start Date End Date Duration
1 MGT03 Laboratory Safety Management Subrata Mondal 20-06-2016 24-06-2016 1
2 CU127 Membranes for Water Treatment: Challenges and Opportunities Subrata Mondal 11-07-2016 15-07-2016 1
3 CU129 Functional Textiles and Protections Subrata Mondal 19-09-2016 23-09-2016 1
4 CU124 Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites Subrata Mondal 24-10-2016 28-10-2016 1
5 CU115 Fundamentals and Applications of Nanomaterials Subrata Mondal 26-12-2016 30-12-2016 1
6 BBSR2 Intelligent Textile Materials Subrata Mondal 09-01-2017 13-01-2017 1
7 ICT13 Safety Management in Chemical Laboratory Subrata Mondal 27-02-2017 03-03-2017 1
8 GUW21 Waste Water Treatment: Pollution Control and Reuse Subrata Mondal 13-03-2017 17-03-2017 1


 Checklist for HPC (Tender Advt. No. 12/2016-17)

 Pre-Bid Meeting Schedule for Tender Advt. No. 12/2016-17

 [Corrigendum to Tender] Procurement and Installation of Audio System

 [Tender] Procurement and Installation of Audio System

 Results of Grand Finale of 1st National Innovation Talent Contest (NITCP)

 [Tender] Procurement and Installation of HPC

 Notice for Registration of Suppliers

 Special STTP on "Animation and Web Designing" from 20.03.2017 to 24.03.2017

 Reschedule of STTP on "Wastewater Treatment: Pollution and Control and Reuse" from 13.03.2017 to 17.03.2017

 Alumni Registration for the Dept. of Computer Science and Engg.

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